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LOS ANGELES -- American Audio expands the way you play with it’s latest professional dual compact disc player: Velocity. Mix. Loop. Sample. Create…Limited only by your imagination.

Here are 4 reasons to get your hands on Velocity:

Velocity features patent pending dual “Power Touch” Interactive Jog Wheels that are highly sensitive to the slightest nuances and motion, and doubles as a real-time musical instrument. The Power Touch wheels give the DJ ultimate control over scratching and all other digital effects.

Utilizing advanced D.S.P. (Digital Signal Processing) technology, Velocity features a digital B.P.M. Counter for precision beat matching and will sync your digital FX to the beat of the music. In addition, Velocity has a TAP button for quick, manual B.P.M. matching.

Velocity includes Tempo Lock, (a.k.a. Master Tempo). This features allows the DJ to change the tempo without distorting the vocal portion of the track. Along with a +/- 4, 8 and 16% pitch selections, Velocity offers pitch bend buttons and “Hyper” Pitch which allows a +/-100% pitch change.

A complete arsenal for the performing DJ to mix, loop, sample and create...Velocity comes loaded with 9 incredible on-board effects. In addition to precise, Digital Scratch 2.0, the FX includes: Filter, Echo, Trans, Skid, Phase, Flanger, Pan and Bop. Velocity’s FX may also be layer one on top of the other for extreme digital remixing. There are 6 Preset Parameter Settings for each digital effect, plus the Parameter Settings may be customized by using the Parameter Time and Parameter Ratio knobs.

Velocity comes stocked with standard features DJs have come to expect from a professional CD player, including: Anti-shock memory; Instant start (instantly plays track when Play button is engaged); Seamless loop; Fader Q Start; Digital Outputs for each channel and play in reverse.

This dual CD deck will adjust music and sampler pitches separately and mix effects “on the fly”. For even smoother blending and fading, Velocity includes 6 Flash Start Sampler Buttons with a 7-second sample per button (with or without a CD in drive). And don’t forget the Lock Out Mode for security.

With a commanding 4-space controller, Velocity is designed for rack mountable or tabletop performance by including four sturdy, rubber feet. There are two Scratch modes; real-time digital scratching and beat juggle.

Each Velocity will include a free instructional video hosted by Gerald "World Wide" Webb, the worlds first digital turntablist and founder of www.DigitalScratch.com. "The Velocity is one of the most powerful digital turntables to date" states DJ WWW as he takes a break from filming the Velocity instructional video. "Its the first rack mount style CD player I actually enjoy working on. I am excited to see companies like American Audio offering gear that propels the digital turntablism art form", adds Webb.

As well as tips on using the Velocity, the video includes performances by Webb, DJ Skilz and Omar Santana (H2oh/Tricked Out Recordings/Moonshine Music). Check out Video clips of the Velocity in action available for viewing on the American Audio web site.

Dare to take the art of digital turntablism to the next level: Join the digital turntable revolution!

The Velocity is slated to be released by mid October 2002.

See the Velocity at DJ Expo, August 27-29 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

American Audio, 4295 Charter Street, Los Angeles, CA 90058 USA
Tel: +1.800.322.6337 Fax: +1.323.582.2650 E-mail: info@americanaudio.us

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