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X-tra Features and FX: American Audio Adds Top-Of-Line DCD-PRO600 Dual CD Player

LOS ANGELES -- American Audio is offering digital DJs and re-mix artists an unsurpassed “mix” of value and versatility with the introduction of the DCD-PRO600 Professional Dual CD Player. A top-of-the-line addition to American Audio’s DCD Series, the DCD-PRO600 comes equipped with six new on-board digital FX and an array of other exciting new features that give users more ways to use their imagination -- and fingers -- to add creativity to their tracks. At the same time, the DCD-PRO600 is highly affordable, delivering the exceptional dollar value that American Audio’s popular DCD CD players have become known for.

Two of the brand-new FX on the DCD-PRO600 are Filter effects, which change the frequency of the music up and down. There are also two Coast effects (3 second and 5 second), which produce a “winding down” analog sound, similar to the low-pitched whir created by turning off the power on a spinning turntable. The DCD-PRO600 also comes with an electrifying BOP effect that instantly plays the last cue in a stutter-type mode. For really cool jams and mixes, there’s a Reverse Play feature, which will play a track backwards until it is disengaged.

With the DCD-PRO600, DJs can speed up or slow down tracks, without having to worry about distorting the vocals. That’s because another new upgrade is a Tempo Lock feature (a.k.a. Master Tempo), which allows the speed of the track to be changed without altering the vocal pitch. At just $799.95 suggested retail (MAP $499.99), the DCD-PRO600 is the lowest priced dual CD player on the market to offer Tempo Lock. Also brand-new on the DCD-PRO600 is 20 seconds of Anti-Shock Memory per side.

But the list of new features doesn’t end there. For even more playing options, the DCD-PRO600 is compatible with the American Audio Scratch Box & Vinyl Record Kit (sold separately), allowing the CD player to be used for digital scratching. The specially-engineered vinyl record contains no music, just an audio signal that gets transmitted to the CD player when the DJ “scratches” it. This, in turn, produces an accurate scratching effect digitally, while providing the authentic feel of performing on a turntable.

“With the scratching option and all the other added features, the DCD-PRO600 is the most ‘loaded’ CD player in the DCD Series to date,” said John Brown, National Sales Manager for American Audio. “DJs and re-mixers looking for an affordable dual CD player with digital effects and today’s hottest features like Tempo Lock won’t find a better value than the DCD-PRO600.”

Along with new tricks to add to their tracks, DJs will find that the DCD-PRO600 includes all the must-have tools found on other DCD Series CD players -- such as Seamless Loop, Instant Start, Fader Q Start (when used with an American Audio Q-Series Mixer), and American Audio’s exclusive DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Technology, which allows effects to be added instantly on-the-fly while the music is playing.

Other features include: 8x Oversampling 1-bit D/A converter, 30 Programmable Tracks, 4 Fast Search modes, Frame Search, Single/Continuous/Repeat play, Anti-Skip Mechanical Shock protection, Manual Beat Counter, Pitch Display and Pitch Range of +/-8%, +/-12% and +/-16%.

With all that it offers, the DCD-PRO600 is an amazing value at under $800 suggested retail (MAP $499.99). “You get a lot of features that you’d expect to see only on much more expensive dual CD players,” Brown noted. “Plus, the professional quality of the DCD-PRO600 is unsurpassed.”

The DCD-PRO600 is 19-inch rack mountable and comes with a control unit. The CD player unit weighs 11 lbs. and measures 19”W x 3-15/32”H x 9-55/64”D. The control unit weighs 4.5 lbs. and measures 19”W x 3-15/32”H x 1-37/64”D. Sampling rate is 44.1 kHz at normal pitch. Oversampling rate: 8 times. Frequency response: +/1.0dB 20Hz-20kHz. Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.02%. Signal to noise ratio: 84 dB.

The suggested retail price of the DCD-PRO600 (including control unit) is $799.95 (MAP $499.99). The suggested retail price of the optional Scratch Box & Vinyl Record Kit is $99.99.

For more information, contact American Audio, 4295 Charter St., Los Angeles, CA 90058; Phone: (800) 322-6337. Fax: (323) 582-2610. Email:info@americanaudio.us. Web: www.americanaudio.us

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