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CD or Vinyl? How About Both!
American Audio’s All-In-One Protek CDLP Roadcase
Holds Compact Discs and Vinyl Records

LOS ANGELES --Finally there is a smart alternative for club and mobile DJs who use both vinyl and CDs on the road. American Audio has added an innovative new case to its line of Protek cases that allows DJs to fit both records and compact discs into one carrier—the Protek CDLP Roadcase—making hauling equipment a breeze.

“Many of today’s DJs use both LP records and CDs in their performances,” said John Brown, National Sales Manager for American Audio. “The Protek CDLP Roadcase has a revolutionary, unique design that enables DJs to carry multiple formats in just one carrier.”

“In the past, if a DJ used CDs and vinyl, a minimum of at least two cases were needed to store and transport their music from one location to another. Now, with American Audio’s Protek CDLP Roadcase, those days are over,” added Brown.

With a durable exterior and a roomy interior, American Audio’s “all-in-one” carrier can shelter and store approximately 70 LP records plus 60 cased CDs or 180 CD view packs. DJs will be thrilled that even after the case is full of music, there will still be extra space available to hold accessories.

Divided into three separate sections, the Protek CDLP Roadcase makes organization easy for DJs. Records can be placed in the bottom portion of the case, next to the accessories storage unit, and then the CDs can be stacked on top in their own special space. The CD segment “sits” on top of the record cargo and can easily be lifted to reveal the underlying LPs.

To keep the music software secure, the Protek CDLP Roadcase has a lock-type latch attached to the CD section of the case. This top unit includes a key for guarded access. For further security, on each side of the record-storing compartment there is a binding ring that is firmly fixed to the carrier, where two more optional locks can be fastened.

The Protek CDLP Roadcase is covered with a brushed-swirl-pattern chrome finish that can complement any modern DJ’s style. The eye-catching jewel-like surface will not only attract positive attention from spectators, but the hard cover will also keep records and compact discs safe from damage.

In addition, American Audio’s innovative case is designed to maximize transportation ease, since it can be pulled “luggage-style.” The carrier comes with two heavy-duty wheels on one end, and a pull-up handle on the other. Built for durability, the wheels are designed to withstand severe use while smoothly rolling the carrier from one gig to the next.

“More DJs are using CDs along with vinyl than ever before because of advancements made in the technology of professional digital CD players such as American Audio’s Pro-Scratch 2,” said Brown. “Now both types of music media can conveniently be carried together in the Protek CDLP Roadcase.”

Suggested retail price of the Protek CDLP Roadcase in $219.95.

For more information, contact American Audio at: 1-800-333-0644 Fax: 323-582-2610. Address: 4295 Charter St., Los Angeles, CA 90058. Web: www.americanaudio.us

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