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Go Pro! American Audio’s Affordable CDS-1 Single CD Player Gets Entry-Level DJs Up and Running

LOS ANGELES -- Aspiring DJs are seeing stars with the introduction of American Audio’s new CDS-1 Single CD Player. A top-loading professional CD player at a very affordable price, the CDS-1 is aimed at “bedroom” and entry-level DJs who want to put on performances that rival those of today’s most popular club and battle jocks.

Priced at just $209.95 suggested retail, the CDS-1 is equipped with many of the hottest features used by professional DJs. For example, it offers Fader Q Start, the ability to crossfade to a pre-programmed cue point on a CD (when used with a Q-start compatible American Audio mixer). The CDS-1 also includes Instant Start, Loop In/Out, 8x Oversampling and Anti-Skip Protection.

“American Audio came out with the CDS-1 to meet the strong demand for an entry-level professional CD player that’s inexpensive, reliable and offers today’s most popular features,” said John Brown, national sales manager for American Audio. “With so many kids and adults alike wanting to make DJ-style music today, there was a need for a unit like the CDS-1. It’s a basic, high-quality pro CD player at a really terrific price.”

The CDS-1 was also designed to be extremely user-friendly, added Brown. “This CD player is so easy to use that even complete novices will be up and running in no time. And the top-loading design makes changing CDs a piece of cake.”

In addition to entry-level users, the CDS-1 is ideal for working professional DJs who want a backup set-up to take along on the road. That’s because, in addition to selling the CDS-1 as a single unit, American Audio has packaged a complete system, the CDS-1/System, that comprises two CDS-1 CD Players, an XDM-200 DJ Mixer and a Custom Road Case – all for one unbeatably low price.

The XDM-200 mixer included in the system was designed specifically for use with the CDS-1 CD player. The mixer has 2 channels -- one for each CD player --with 2 Lines, 2 Phonos and one Microphone input. Of course, the XDM-200 is also “Q compatible” with the CD players, allowing for Fader Q Start crossfading. Also included on the XDM-200 are Gain, Bass and Treble controls for each channel, Cue and Cue Level control, and a Headphone jack.

"In addition to being the ultimate set-up for the bedroom jock, the CDS-1/System is a great backup system for working professional DJs on the go, because it’s inexpensive, lightweight and absolutely roadworthy,” said Brown. “It comes with its own custom road case, which will protect the gear during transport. The custom case has also been designed to allow for easy set-up and take-down of the system.”

The entire CDS-1/System weighs 30 lbs. and carries a suggested retail price of only $559.95.

Additional features of the CDS-1 CD Player include: a digital output that allows it to be connected to a CD burner or personal computer; Search/Scan/Forward & Back Skip capabilities; Single/Continuous/Remain Time display; and Pitch Bend (±8%, ±12% or ±16%). The CDS-1 is capable of playing CD-R recordable CDs just as easily as regular commercial CDs. The unit operates on a power supply of AC 115V 60Hz/230V 50Hz switchable. Each CDS-1 CD player measures 10.75”L x 8.5”W x 3.5”H, and weighs just 3.5 lbs.

Specifications of the CDS-1 include a Signal-to-Noise ratio of 75dB, Frequency Response of +/-1.0dB, and Total Harmonic Distortion of 0.02%. Channel separation rates at 75dB, and the unit’s Output Level is 2.0V+/-1dB.

For more information, contact American Audio at 1-800-322-6337. Fax: 323-582-2610. Address: 4295 Charter St., Los Angeles, CA 90058. Web: www.americanaudio.us Email: info@americanaudio.us

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