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Expanding The Way You Play: American Audio’s Velocity Dual CD Player Takes Digital DJ Revolution To Next Level

LOS ANGELES -- The digital DJ-ing revolution has just blasted full steam ahead with great “velocity.” American Audio has unveiled the Velocity, an amazing breakthrough Professional Front-Load Dual CD Player that will forever change and expand the way DJs play.

Loaded with professional features and nine on-board digital FX, the Velocity brings a new arsenal of creative possibilities to DJs and remixers-- from digital scratching, to beat matching and sync-ing effects with music, to sampling and looping, to changing tempos and mixing FX on the fly, and much more.

“The Velocity is much more than a CD player -- it’s truly a complete digital instrument for the DJ and remixer,” said John Brown, national sales manager for American Audio. “With this incredible piece of gear, your hands can actually create all the sounds, tracks 4444and mixes that you’ve ever ‘heard’ or imagined in your head. And you can do it all easily and on the fly.”

One of the Velocity’s most advanced features are its ultra-sensitive dual “Power Touch” interactive jog wheels, which give the user the utmost precision control over digital scratching and other digital FX. So sensitive is the jog wheels to the slightest touch that it is patent- pending and is being hailed for ushering in a new era of accuracy in CD scratching -- “Digital Scratching 2.0,” a technology available exclusively from American Audio. The Velocity offers two scratching modes: Digital Scratch mode, and Beat Juggle Mode.

Another of the Velocity’s revolutionary features is a Digital B.P.M. Counter that utilizes advanced Digital Signal Processing (D.S.P.) technology to match beats with complete precision and accuracy. Amazingly, the Digital B.P.M. Counter will also synchronize the Velocity’s digital FX exactly to the beat of the music -- and automatically keep those FX in sync at all times. The Velocity also features a TAP Button for quick, manual B.P.M. matching.

No other professional CD player can match the ferocity of the Velocity when it comes to cutting-edge FX. There are nine incredible on-board FX, which, in addition to Digital Scratching, include: Filter, Echo, Trans, Skid, Phase, Flanger, Pan and Bop. The FX can be layered on top of one another for endless creative possibilities.

The Velocity makes it easy for any DJ to use FX like a pro, because each effect has six Pre-Set Parameters, developed by a panel of leading disc jockeys. Users can also easily customize the FX parameters with the unit’s Parameter Time and Parameter Radio adjustment knobs.

Tempo Lock (a.k.a. Master Tempo) is another great tool on the Velocity, allowing the tempo of the music to be changed without distorting the vocal portion of the track. The Velocity offers a “Hyper” Pitch feature, which allows up to a +/- 100% pitch change. It also comes equipped with Pitch Bend Buttons and +/-4%, 8% and 16% Pitch Selections.

Of course, the Velocity includes all of the other hot features that are “must-haves” for today’s performing DJs -- Seamless Loop, Reverse Play, True Instant Start, Anti-Shock Memory (10 seconds per side), Fader Q Start (when used with an American Audio Q-Series Mixer), Flip Flop (relay playback between two decks) and a Lock Out Mode for security. There are three Flash Start Sampler Buttons per side, each of which can store up to a 7-second sample, with or without a CD in the drive. The volume and pitch of the music and samples can be adjusted separately.

Loaded as it is with features and innovations, it’s not surprising that the revolutionary Velocity has drawn rave reviews from some of the nation’s top DJs, including Gerald “World Wide” Webb, the world’s first digital turntablist and founder of www. DigitalScratch.com. “The Velocity is one of the most powerful digital turntables to date,” remarked Webb. “It’s the first rack mount style CD player I actually enjoy working on. I am excited to see companies like American Audio offering gear that propels the digital turntablism art form.”

Webb gives his expert pointers on using the Velocity in a free instructional video that is included with each Velocity unit. The video also features performances by nationally-known DJ Skilz and Omar Santana. “The video not only provides easy-to-follow instructions from the pros on how to use the Velocity, but seeing these phenomenal performers up close will inspire DJs and will further expand the way they play,” said Brown.

Ideal for the club, stage or studio, the Velocity includes a 4-space controller and can be used as either a rack mountable or tabletop unit. The deck comes with four sturdy rubber feet. Dimensions for the main Velocity unit are 19”W x 3.5”H x 10”D (2 rack spaces). Dimensions for the control unit are19”W x 7”H x 2”D (4 rack spaces). Designed for easy portability, the total weight of both pieces is just 16 lbs.

Other features of the Velocity include: headphone output with volume control; single/continuous play; selectable elapsed, remain and total remain time display. Frequency Response is 20Hz-20KHz +/-1dB. T.H.D.: 0.03%. S/N Ratio: 85dB. Over Sampling Rate: 8 times.

The Velocity can be seen in action on American Audio’s website: www.americanaudio.us

For additional information, call American Audio at 800-322-6337

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