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Maximum Torque: American Audio Puts Heavy Spin on HTD 4.5 Turntable With 4.5 Kg. of Torque

LOS ANGELES--American Audio has designed the HTD 4.5 Turntable to set new standards in turntable power and strength. The HTD 4.5 drives its turntable platter with a whopping 4.5 kilograms of torque, nearly three times the industry standard for radial power.

The ultra-high torque makes for an especially strong and durable turntable. Even the most aggressive scratching DJs will be able to depend on the HTD 4.5 for their flashiest performances and most intense competitions.

With its superior strength, the HTD 4.5 Turntable offers numerous club applications as well. Well-built and weighing a solid 29 lbs., the HTD 4.5 is one mean and reliable machine that can withstand constant heavy use in nightclubs and dance halls. And the unit’s competitively low list price of $499.95 only adds to its long-term value.

"We believe that the HTD 4.5 may be the most powerful turntable on the market today," said John Brown, national sales manager for American Audio. "With its ultra-high 4.5 kilograms of torque, the HTD 4.5 is the ultimate turntable for the scratch or performance DJ, as well as for serious club mixing."

Disc jockeys who have tried their hand on the HTD 4.5 echo this view. "This is by far the most powerful, high-quality turntable I have ever laid my fingers on!" declared nationally renowned scratch disc jockey DJ Skilz. "I just cannot believe its strength. Thanks to American Audio’s HTD 4.5, at last there’s a turntable I can trust as a completely reliable performance tool," DJ Skilz added.

Not only is the HTD 4.5 ultra-strong, it’s also super fast and responsive – almost “digital-like” in its speed. “The HTD 4.5 is almost as fast as a CD player in terms of how quickly it starts and stops,” said Brown. “You can be running at 50% pitch control, then simply hit the machine’s quartz button, and return to your exact speed in a split second!”

Along with its lightning-quick responsiveness and revved-up torque, the HTD 4.5 has other features that make it the ultimate vinyl-spinning machine for DJ performances. It has Dual Stop & Start Buttons, which allow it to be turned “battle style.”

Other features include an “S” type tone arm and adjustable controls that allow for super fast or very slow starts and stops. A pitch slider with quartz lock ensures precision speed control at 33, 45 and 78 rpm. Pitch can be shifted to +/–10%, +/–20% or +/–50%.

Even in its appearance, the HTD 4.5 conveys the image of a high-performance, high-torque driving machine. With its glossy, enamel-like paint finish, it has the look of a luxury sports car. “DJs will love getting up on stage with a piece of gear that looks as good as it performs,” said Brown.

The American Audio HTD 4.5 Turntable measures 13.75”L x 17.75”W x 3.5”H and weighs 29 lbs. Suggested retail price of the HTD 4.5 Turntable is $499.95.

For more information, contact American Audio at: 1-800-322-6337. Fax: 323-582-2610. Address: 4295 Charter St., Los Angeles, CA 90058. Web: www.americanaudio.us

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