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The Ultimate Live Remix Machine: American Audio’s Q-FX19 Mixer With Digital FX
Takes Remixing On-The-Fly To New Heights

LOS ANGELES--American Audio has designed one mean remix machine for clubs and professional DJs. The company’s new flagship Q-FX19 19-inch 4-channel mixer features a large multi-color VFD screen (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) with eye-popping displays of all functions, 8 exciting on-board DSP effects, plus an innovative Crossfader FX mode that makes it easier than ever to remix on the fly.

The Q-FX19’s exclusive VFD terminal provides all the information needed to create exciting and original remixes, displayed on a brightly-colored, easy-to-read screen. Located in the unit’s upper right corner, the large, user-friendly display gives DJs visual control of Master Levels, BPM (beats per minute), digital effects and more, to facilitate live remixing and introduce a vast range of creative possibilities.

Also on-board the Q-FX19 are eight powerful DSP effects: Trans, Echo, Filter, Pan, Filter, Pitch Shift, Flanger and Phase. An advanced state-of-the-art technology, DSP (Digital Signal Processing) allows effects to be called up instantly on the fly while music is playing, without requiring any pause or triggering of special functions. The “smart” DSP technology also gives DJs the ability to precisely match the beat of the music with the effects, for super smooth and accurate remixing. All of the beat matching information is displayed on an automatic BPM counter.

For added convenience, remixers and DJs can control the on-board effects by utilizing the Q-FX19’s Crossfader FX mode. With this feature, the desired effects can be set in advance, then triggered in real-time simply by moving the crossfader.

"The Q-FX19 brings a new dimension of ease and creativity to the art of remixing," said John Brown, national sales manager for American Audio. "With its bright VFD display, DSP effects and unique Crossover FX mode, the Q-FX19 has completely redrawn the playing field for today’s performing DJs. No other manufacturer has anything like it. It’s the ultimate mixer for live remixing!"

To allow DJs to completely customize their remixes, the Q-FX19 features Wet/Dry dials that let users add each effect in gradients, rather than all-or-nothing. For example, in the Wet setting, the effect is turned completely on; Dry completely shuts it off; and any amount of “dampness” in between the two extremes can also be selected.

DJs can choose to stick with the unit’s 6 Preset Parameter Settings for each effect, or they can use the Parameter Time, Ratio and Delay Time controls to customize effects. The FX Input gives users a choice of adding the effect to individual channels or all channels at once.

For clubs that don’t want a DJ to play too loud, there’s a convenient Trim Output Control button located on the back of the unit that sets a limit on how high the master volume can go. This means that even if the DJ has the music turned all the way up, it never gets to full blast.

To provide even more options, the Q-FX19 comes equipped with S/PDIF Digital Output. This feature gives users the ability to burn CDs of their mixes, and to go directly into their computer with digital input if they have a music card.

Additional features of the Q-FX19 include Q-Start compatibility with select American Audio CD players; auto BPM; balanced XLR outputs; backlit X/Y crossfader selector buttons; split cue headphone monitoring; cue mixing; fader curve knob; and gain, treble, mid and bass control for each channel with rotary kills. The mixer includes 3 phono, 4 line, 3 aux and 3 mic inputs, with a separate EQ for the mic inputs.

Removable rubber rails allow for either table-top or rack-mount configurations, adding to the Q-FX19’s versatility. As a 19-inch rack-mount unit, the mixer takes up 6 spaces.

Compact and lightweight for mobile use, the Q-FX19 Mixer measures 19”W x 10.5”D x 4”H and weighs only 7 lbs. With a list price of just $759.95, the Q-FX19 might also be the ultimate remix machine in terms of dollar value, considering its many innovative features.

For more information, contact American Audio at: 1-800-322-6337. Fax: 323-582-2610. Address: 4295 Charter St., Los Angeles, CA 90058. Web: www.americanaudio.us

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