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Two New Single CD Players From American Audio
Will Turn On The FX Or Satisfy More Basic Instinct

Los Angeles – DJs and remixers who prefer a single CD player now have some great new options to choose from -- whether they’re into scratching and digital effects, or just want a top-quality basic professional deck. American Audio has come out with two new front-load professional single CD players – the CDI 500 and CDI 300 – both of which are priced very affordably and are equally well suited for mobile, club or studio use.

The CDI 500 is the ideal choice for digital turntablists who like to spice up their tracks with special effects. It features 9 onboard digital FX, including accurate digital scratching. The CDI 300 is a more basic model, yet it comes well-equipped with all the popular features today’s DJs and remixers demand, such as Anti-Shock Memory (10 minutes), Sampling, Tempo Lock (Master Tempo), Fader Q Start and much more.

“There are many pros out there who like to work with single CD players,” said Alfred Gonzales, sales manager for American Audio. “We introduced the CDI 500 and CDI 300 to meet the needs of these users. These high-quality professional units offer the same types of features, technology, reliability and value as our dual CD players, but in a single deck model.”

Here is a closer look at the CDI 500 and CDI 300 Single CD Players:

CDI 500 – A true “digital instrument,” the CDI 500 is loaded with cutting-edge tools for manipulating sounds, samples and tracks on the fly. It features American Audio’s patent-pending Dual “Power Touch” interactive Jog Wheel system, which provides complete accuracy in Digital Scratching. The jog wheels offer two modes of scratching: Digital Scratch; and Beat Juggle Mode for instant return to a set cue point when the platter is touched.

In addition to Digital Scratching, the CDI 500 is equipped with 8 other onboard digital FX -- Filter, Echo, Trans, Skid, Phase, Flanger, Pan and Bop – all of which can be layered over one another to create a virtually infinite palette of sounds. Each of the FX comes with 6 Preset Parameter settings, and can also be customized using the CDI 500’s Parameter Time and Ratio knobs. There’s also a convenient Digital B.P.M. Counter for keeping the FX in sync with the music.

Another feature that users will appreciate is a large, bright LCD Display that provides vital information at a glance. Included on the LCD Display is an all-new Visual Marker, which shows exactly where a disc is playing, as well as a Track Indicator, Total/Remain Time, Pitch/BPM Meter, Play/Pause/Cue Indicator, Single/Loop and more.

The CDI 500 also has 4 Flash Start Sampler Buttons, each of which can store up to a 5-second sample for instant playback with or without a CD in the drive. Other features include: Tempo Lock (Master Tempo); Seamless Loop; Reverse Play; True Instant Start; Anti-Shock Memory; and Fader Q Start (when used with compatible American Audio Q-Series Mixers).

For a single CD player with digital FX and so many other features, the CDI 500 is priced very affordably. The suggested retail price of the CDI 500 is $599.95.

CDI 300 – DJs and remixers looking for a basic professional single CD player with all the essential features won’t find one that offers better quality and value than the CDI 300. Sturdy and reliable, the CDI 300 includes such must-haves as Sampling and Fader Q Start (when used with compatible American Audio Q-Series Mixers). Cue points and samples can be instantly recalled, using the unit’s 4 Flash Start Sampler Buttons, which can store up to 5-second samples each.

The CDI 300 also features Seamless Loop, Tempo Lock (Master Tempo), Digital Output (S/PDIF), and Anti-Shock Memory (10 seconds). It provides a range of +4%, +8%, +16% and up to +100% “Hyper” Pitch Control.

The suggested retail price of the CDI 300 is $419.95.

For more information on the CDI 500 and CDI 300, contact American Audio at 800-322-6337. Fax: 323-582-2610. Address: 4295 Charter Street, Los Angeles, CA 90058. Web: www.adjaudio.com. e-mail: info@americanaudio.us

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