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DCD-PRO610 Press Release
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BLACK Magic!
American Audio Introduces DCD-PRO610 Black Rackmount Dual CD Player With Digital FX

LOS ANGELES - Whether on stage, in the club or in the recording studio, DJs and remixers will look as good as they sound with American Audios new DCD-PRO610 Professional Dual CD Player. Featuring an all-new black brushed aluminum face plate that provides a stunning contrast to its silver chrome knobs and buttons -- plus big, bright LCDs on each side -- this sleek-looking machine will turn heads as fast as it spins discs.

But the DCD-PRO610s beauty doesnt run only skin (or case) deep. This pro deck is also “gorgeous” on the inside, because its loaded with all of the cool features that DJs and remixers need to create terrific tracks and mixes - at an amazingly affordable price.

For starters, the DCD-PRO610 comes equipped with six on-board digital FX. Two of these are filter effects, which change the frequency of the music up and down. There are also two Coast effects (3-second and 5-second) that produce an analog-style “winding down” sound, similar to the low-pitched whir created by turning off the power on a spinning turntable. Rounding out the DCD-PRO610s FX arsenal is an electrifying Bop effect that instantly plays the last cue in a stutter-type mode, and a Reverse Play feature that will play a track backwards until its disengaged.

All of the FX can be added to mixes on the fly while music is playing. Plus, DJs and remixers will be able to work all sorts of added magic with the DCD-PRO610 by layering its FX. Thats because the unit includes American Audios cutting-edge DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Technology, which allows different FX to be layered on top of one another to create a virtually limitless range of sounds.

The DCD-PRO610 also offers Fader Q Start, when used with a compatible Q-Series mixer from American Audio. Each side of the deck features four programmable cue points (4 seconds each) with instant start.

Other features on the DCD-PRO610 include: Tempo Lock (Master Tempo), Seamless Loop, Anti-Shock Memory (20 seconds per side), Digital Output (S/PDIF), and a pitch range of +/-8%, +/-12%, +/-16%. Another great tool is the LCD display, which provides cue, program, play, pause, track and elapse indicators, along with other valuable information such as a time meter, frame meter and pitch meter.

“We took all of the performance and convenience features that todays DJs and remixers demand in a CD player and combined them into one terrific-looking package,” said Tom Freret, national sales manager for American Audio. “Not only is the DCD-PRO610 loaded with features and super-attractive with its new black face plate, it also offers the exceptional quality and dollar value that users have come to expect from American Audio.”

The DCD-PRO610 is 19-inch rackmountable and comes with a control unit. The CD player unit takes two rackmount spaces, and measures 2” (51mm)L x 19” (482mm)W x 3.5” (89mm)H. The control unit takes three rackmount spaces, and measures 2” (51mm)L x 19” (482 mm)W x 3.5” (89mm)H. Total weight is 16 lbs. (7 kegs).

Sampling rate is 44.1 kHz at normal pitch. Oversampling rate: 8 times. Frequency response: +/-1.0dB 20Hz-20kHz. Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.02%. Signal to noise ratio: 84 dB.

The suggested retail price of the DCD-PRO610 is $619.95.

For more information, contact American Audio at 800-322-6337. Fax: 323-582-2610. Address: 4295 Charter Street, Los Angeles, CA 90058. Web: www.adjaudio.com. e-mail: info@americanaudio.us

A User Manual for the DCD-PRO610 is available on the website in both English and Spanish.

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