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Pro-Scratch2 Press Release
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Digital Scratching 2.0:
American Audios Pro-Scratch 2 CD Player
Takes Digital Scratching To Next Level

LOS ANGELES -- American Audio has advanced the art of digital scratching to the next generation with the Pro-Scratch 2. A front-load single CD player, the Pro-Scratch 2 features an exclusive Digital Scratching 2.0 technology that provides an unprecedented level of accuracy and sensitivity in digital scratching.

The secret behind the Pro-Scratch 2’s authentic scratching performance is a revolutionary Power Touch Wheel that handles like the steering wheel on a fine luxury automobile. Highly sensitive to the slightest nuances and motion, the Power Touch Wheel gives the scratching DJ ultimate control over their performance, allowing for 100% accurate scratching

"The Pro-Scratch 2s Power Touch Wheel is an incredible feature,” said John Brown, National Sales Manager for American Audio. “This interactive jog wheel is so sensitive that even the slightest flicker of the hand will create scratching sounds."

In addition to its extreme scratching sensitivity, the Pro-Scratch 2 provides the versatility of two scratching mode options: Digital Scratch Mode, and Beat Juggle Mode.

A complete tool chest for the performing DJ, the Pro-Scratch 2 also comes loaded with 9 incredible on-board effects. In addition to Scratch, the FX includes: Filter, Echo, Trans, Skid, Phase, Flanger, Pan and Bop. There are 4 Preset Parameter Settings for each effect.

“The FX on the Pro-Scratch 2 have the noveau sound that DJs are looking for. The preset parameters help even more to enhance sound quality,” said Brown. “These new on-board effects give today’s scratching jocks innovative tools that they can use and blend to give an extra edge to their performance.”

Along with its many new, exclusive innovations, the Pro-Scratch 2 has all the features DJs have come to expect on a professional CD player, including: Anti-shock memory; Instant start; Seamless loop; Fader Q Start; and Reverse play. The Pro-Scratch 2 also features volume control between music and sampler, and it can adjust music and sampler pitches separately and mix FX “on the fly”.

For even smoother blending and fading, the Pro-Scratch 2 includes 3 Flash Start Sampler Buttons with a 7-second sample per button (with or without a CD in drive). Additionally, there’s a new Flash Cue feature.

Another brand- new feature is a Lock Out Mode for security. The Pro-Scratch 2 also includes Tempo Lock (Master Tempo), a Parameter Ratio Adjustment Knob, a Parameter Time Adjustment Knob, and a pitch bend of +4%, +8%, or +16% and “Hyper” Pitch (up to +100%).

Other major features of the Pro-Scratch 2 are: Auto Cue Function (-48dB); 3 sampler cues can be memorized; single/continuous play; Flip Flop (relay playback between 2 decks); and Headphone output with volume control.

Lightweight and portable, the Pro-Scratch 2 has dimensions of 8.5” X 4.5” X 10.375”, and weighs 5.5 lbs. It has a frequency response of +0.5dB. THD: +0.02%. S/M ratio: +84dB.

Despite its new high-tech features and scratching sensitivity, the Pro-Scratch 2 is also very “sensitive” to the needs of the budget-minded disc jockey. It has a suggested retail price of $899.95.

For more information regarding the Pro Scratch 2, contact American Audio at 800-322-6337. Address: 4295 Charter St., Los Angeles, CA. Website: www.americanaudio.us E-mail: info@americanaudio.us

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