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ADJ Advantage Rewards Program
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American DJ Launches Rewards Program – New ADJ Advantage™ Program Offers Points On Purchases That Can Be Redeemed For Free Gear

LOS ANGELES - American DJ gear has always been associated with great value. Now the purchase of an ADJ product carries more value than ever, because it can “pay you back” with free merchandise.

American DJ has launched ADJ Advantage™, a new rewards program that awards consumers points for their purchases of American DJ and American Audio brand products. The points are redeemable for a wide variety of popular items from American DJ -- from T-shirts and logo accessories, to gig bags and lighting gear.

“ADJ Advantage is a lot like frequent flyer and other loyalty programs,” said Scott Davies, general manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “It rewards the consumers who buy our products by giving them something back in return. We urge all of our customers to sign up, because theyll be able to get a lot of very cool and useful items for free, just by making purchases that theyd normally make.”

Enrolling in the ADJ Advantage program is simple. All you have to do is buy a qualifying American DJ or American Audio product, and send in a completed warranty registration form, along with the UPC bar code from the product package and a copy of your purchase receipt.

You will then be automatically enrolled in the ADJ Advantage program, and an account will be set up for you on American DJs website. The point value of your purchase, along with those of your future purchases, will be credited to your ADJ Advantage account. You can view your point total on-line anytime by visiting www.americandj.com/adjadvantage.asp and logging into your account.

Another way to register for the ADJ Advantage program is to go on-line to www.americandj.com/adjadvantage.asp and follow the prompts to set up your own account. All participants in the program are required to have a valid email address and be residents of the United States.

ADJ Advantage points can also be redeemed quickly and easily on-line. You simply select the item you want from a wide variety of products and required point values, which are posted on the American DJ website. Once it has been verified that you have a sufficient amount of points, your reward item will be shipped directly to you.

“The program has just been launched and we are going to be continually adding new reward items, so people should keep checking our website,” said Davies. The website will also list the number of redeemable points customers can get for the purchase of each American DJ and American Audio product (some products may not have a redeemable point value).

“Basically, weve set up the program so that its very easy for DJs and customers to keep track of their accounts and redeem points for merchandise,” said Davies. “American DJ has always enjoyed a lot of brand loyalty and we wanted our customers to benefit from the loyalty theyve shown us.”

The ADJ Advantage Reward Program is open to United States residents only. For more information about the program, or to register, visit www.americandj.com/adjadvantage.asp

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