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New 2002 PROTEK Cases
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On The Road -- Again:
American Audio Adds Four New Case Models
To ProTek Series of Professional DJ Roadcases

LOS ANGELES – In response to overwhelming market demand, American Audio has expanded its ProTek Series of professional DJ roadcases, adding four new models to the line. The new additions include: ProTek/CD600 hard CD roadcase; ProTek/CD300 hard CD roadcase; ProTek/LP/Trans transparent LP roadcase; and ProTek/LP/DIA W heavy-duty LP roadcase.

Like the original ProTek cases, the new models are designed to meet the professional DJs need for highly protective roadcases that are also sleek-looking, lightweight and affordably-priced. Extremely rugged and durable, the two new ProTek CD cases are larger than the average roadcase, and offer an amazing capacity of up to 600 View Packs. The ProTek LP cases are just as strong and offer DJs a sleek, trendy look that will complement any gear.

"Weve received great response to the ProTek Series of roadcases ,and we wanted to expand the line to offer more variety to fit the professional mobile DJs special needs," said John Brown, national sales manager for American Audio. "These new cases are not only attractive, durable and lightweight, they are also affordably-priced and will help protect a DJs investment while traveling."

In keeping with the philosophy behind American Audios original ProTek cases, the four new products were built around the real-world needs of the professional working DJ. Depending on the model, each ProTek case includes special features such as heavy-duty wheels and pull-up handles for easy portability, or lock-type latches with keys for added security. Most of the cases are available in unique designs or colors, and all are priced well within reach of the professional mobile DJs budget. Heres a description of each of the new ProTek cases:

ProTek/CD600 Hard CD Roadcase

For the DJ who likes to travel with everything including "the kitchen sink," the ProTek/CD600 offers the ultimate in size and space. Larger than the average CD case, the ProTek/CD600 can hold an amazing 200 Jewel Cases or 600 View Packs, plus accessories.

Despite its incredible size and capacity, the ProTek/CD600 is very portable and lightweight, since it is made from aluminum. To offer DJs the ultimate in mobility, the case includes heavy-duty Roller Blade-type wheels, along with a retractable pull-up multi-position handle. For added security measures, the ProTek/CD600 features a lock-type latch with key.

The ProTek/CD600 is available in black only. The price of the case is $149.99.

ProTek/CD300 Hard CD Roadcase

"Middle of the road" DJs will appreciate the mobility and size of the ProTek/CD 300. This aluminum case can hold up to 100 Jewel Cases or 300 View Packs, which is right in the "middle" of the original ProTek/CD and the larger ProTek/CD600.

An ideal case for those "in-between" gigs, the ProTek/CD300 is made from aluminum and can be easily transported by its durable carrying handle, located on the top of the case. The ProTek/CD300 also features a lock-type latch with key. The sleek-looking case is available in 2 attractive colors: silver or black. The ProTek/CD300 has compact dimensions of 24”L x 13”W x 6.5”H, and weighs just 7.5 lbs. The price is $69.99.

ProTek/LP/Trans Transparent LP Roadcase

For the vinyl DJ who wants to look as good as they sound, the new ProTek/LP/Trans is the case of choice. Capable of holding up to 70 vinyl records, this trendy new LP case has a transparent acrylic design. Similar to the noveau look of a "see-through" designer travel case, the ProTek/LP/Trans has shiny silver trimming that enhances its sleek, clear appearance.

The ProTek/LP/Trans was designed with the same durability and mobility features as all ProTek models. The case includes an attractive silver handle on top for easy portability, and has a silver-plated closure latch that can easily accommodate any after-market key or combination lock. The ProTek/LP/Trans is available in clear acrylic only. The price is $69.99

ProTek/LP/DIA W Heavy-Duty LP Roadcase

Now, diamonds are a DJs best friend, thanks to the deluxe ProTek/LP/DIA W heavy-duty LP roadcase. Featuring a stunning chrome diamond exterior design plate, the ProTek/LP/DIA W offers the ultimate in luxury and durability. The case, which can hold up to 70 LP records, also features 2 storage compartments, an external flap pocket and internal zippered mesh pocket to safely carry and protect headphones and all DJ accessories.

In addition to its spectacular appearance and convenient compartments, the ProTek/LP/DIA W provides the ultimate in portability-on-wheels. The case includes 3 heavy-duty Roller Blade-type wheels for extra stability, along with a retractable pull-up handle that locks at different heights. The price is $149.99

"DJs love to look as good as they sound. In addition to their performance features, the new ProTek LP cases were designed with a trendy, yet sophisticated look that caters to the image-conscious professional DJ," said Brown.

For more information, contact American Audio at: 1-800-322-6337 Fax: 323-582-2610. Address: 4295 Charter St., Los Angeles, CA 90058. Web: http://www.americanaudio.us Email: info@americanaudio.us

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