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Q-D5 Press Release
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Tested On Over 1 Million Crossfades!
American Audio Introduces DJ Skilz Series Q-D5 Mixer With Optical Crossfader
& Lifetime Fader Warranty

LOS ANGELES -- Not everyone has the lightning-quick hands of a nationally-famous disc jockey like DJ Skilz, the host at Las Vegas’ top-rated Club Rio. But now DJs of all levels can mix and crossfade with astounding speed and accuracy, thanks to the new Q-D5 DJ SKILZ Signature Series Mixer, available exclusively from American Audio Platinum Dealers.

“Having exclusives on revolutionary products like the Q-D5 gives our Platinum Dealers a unique identity in the market,” said Scott Davies, general manager of American Audio. “The Q-D5 is targeted at the DJ customer who is looking for the ultimate in performance and technology. This is the same customer who is naturally drawn to the combination of selection and service offered by our Platinum Dealers.”

A two-channel DJ battle mixer, the Q-D5 features a state-of-the-art optical crossfader. Unlike a traditional crossfader, an optical crossfader utilizes optical sensors to control the position of the fader, eliminating the need for contacts or graphite material.

This allows the Q-D5’s fader to move at an incredibly fast speed, since there’s virtually no resistance to slow it down. It’s super-quiet, too, with no static or crackling noise. And it’s super-responsive to the slightest touch, which gives DJs the ability to crossfade back and forth with total control and precision.

But that’s not all -- an optical crossfader has a much longer life than a traditional graphite or conductive plastic fader, because there are no contacts or graphite material to wear out. Amazingly, the Q-D5’s optical crossfader has been tested on over a million crossfades, and it’s still working like a new, said John Brown, national sales manager of American Audio. This is why the company is offering a limited lifetime warranty on the fader.

“Standard crossfaders wear out and have to be replaced after a certain amount of use. But the Q-D5’s optical crossfader is still going strong after a million crossfades,” said Brown. “During the testing process, ‘over-and-back’ was counted as one crossfade, so this fader really got an enormous workout, and it’s still running as reliably as ever. It’s virtually indestructible, which is why we are guaranteeing the Q-D5’s fader for life.”

In addition to its exceptional durability, DJs will appreciate the lightning-quick, smooth movement of the Q-D5’s optical crossfader, added Brown. “This is the lightest fader ever. You barely touch it and it flies from side to side. It will make any DJ’s performance faster and give them pinpoint control, so they can mix like a pro,” Brown remarked.

Professional disc jockeys, including DJ Skilz himself, totally agree. “When I tried out the Q-D5 for the first time, I was in shock,” remarked Skilz (a.k.a. Rick Loisi). “If DJs like to use a crossfader that feels like butter, then let me tell you first-hand that this crossfader will melt in your hands!”

The 2-channel Q-D5 mixer includes two phono, two lines, two auxiliaries and one microphone input. Along with its optical crossfader, the Q-D5 is loaded with features that make it the ultimate battle and scratching DJ deck, such as balanced outputs and Fader Q Start. The Q Start feature works with any of American Audio’s professional CD players, allowing DJs to crossfade directly to a pre-programmed cue point on a compact disc.

One of the Q-D5’s handiest features is that there are independent fader curves and a reverse (hamster) button on each of the channel slides, as well as on the crossfader itself. This give DJs the ability to scratch and crab on the channel slides, in addition to the crossfader. DJ Skilz calls this his “personal favorite feature” on the Q-D5. “I just love the fact that I can scratch with the optical crossfader or with either the channel 1 or channel 2 slides,” Skilz commented

The Q-D5 also provides independent Gain, Treble, Mid and Bass control for each channel, as well as -30dB rotary kills for Treble, Mid and Bass, and 100% kill switches for Treble, Mid and Bass. The DJ mic channel features Volume, Treble and Bass knobs.

There is also a light control output on the mixer. This gives DJs the ability to use the mixer with special effects lighting fixtures to create a sound-activated light show.

All of the mixer’s features have been incorporated into an extremely user-friendly layout. “This is American Audio’s best design yet,” said DJ Skilz. “I love the layout, and how all the features are easy to access. Nothing’s too far, and nothing’s too close -- it’s just perfect.”

Another thing that’s “perfect” about the Q-D5 is its price. At just $299.99, the Q-D5 mixer is super-affordable and offers a tremendous value for a mixer with an optical crossfader -- especially one that carries a limited lifetime warranty.

The Q-D5 is extremely lightweight and compact. It weighs just 6.5 lbs. and measures 10”W x 12.25”D x 3.25”H. A 115V/230V switchable voltage selector is included.

For more information about the Q-D5 DJ SKILZ Signature Series Mixer, or on becoming a Platinum Dealer, contact American Audio, 4295 Charter St., Los Angeles, CA 90058; (800) 322-6337; fax: (323) 582-2610; e-mail: info@americanaudio.us Web: www.americanaudio.us

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