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American Audio DP2 Media Controller Press Release
You’ve Got A Friend
American Audio’s User-friendly DP2 Media Controller
Makes It Easier Than Ever To Play Digital Files

LOS ANGELES – Friends are always ready to lend each other a helping hand, and that’s certainly the case with American Audio’s new DP2 Digital Media Controller. A super user-friendly and very versatile digital controller, the new American Audio product helps DJs and mobile entertainers make a smooth transition from playing CDs to digital files thanks to a variety of convenient features and the intuitive layout of its control panel.

Lightweight, compact and rack mountable so it’s easy to transport and set-up, the DP2Universal Midi Controller is an all-in-one performance tool. The DP2 features a built-in 2-channel mixer, sampler, scratch jog wheel and four on-board effects. 

Offering the best of both worlds, the DP2 makes it easy to play and mix music from a computer, while still offering the familiar tactile feel of traditional CD player hardware. Designed to be very DJ-friendly, the unit’s dual player decks have a layout that’s just like a traditional CD player, with familiar features like a large jog wheel and 4 Hot Cue buttons on each side.  The fact that the DP2 has a look and feel that’s familiar to DJs makes it very easy to get used to – in fact, doing things like loading tracks, loops, scratching and adding effects are as easy, if not easier, on the DP2 than they are on a traditional CD player.

A really cool feature of the DP2 is the fact that it has 4 sample buttons on each side, with an adjustable 8-30 seconds per sample and multi-layered sample playback.  Other CD-deck-like features include a Scratch Effect; Seamless Loop; Smart Loop; Pitch Lock; Pitch Bend; and a Pitch Adjustment Knob (+/-4%, (+/-8%, (+/-16%).

“Because of  its traditional CD player layout and features -- and the tactile sensation you get when operating it -- the DP2 makes it easy for DJs and mobile entertainers to make the transition from playing CDs to digital files,” said Tom Freret, National Sales Manager for American Audio. 
The DP2 also makes it easy to mix up tracks with its convenient on-board 2-channel digital mixer.  Featuring a crossfader and volume faders, the mixer includes Bass/Treble adjustment, microphone volume adjustment, master volume, and track and deck selectors – all the tools a DJ needs for easy professional mixing. The four on-board effects (flanger, echo, filter and bit crusher) make it very easy to add extra dimensions to any performance.

With its portability, all-in-one convenience and simple operation, the DP2 is ideal for mobile DJs and clubs that want access to a large song library and the ability to perform easy music playback and editing.  “If you’ve made the switch to digital music, and you’re looking for something that will play, edit and mix music from your computer, this one unit will do it all,” said Freret.  “Plus, it’s smaller and more affordable than most other MIDI controllers you’ll find out there.”

In addition to the hardware, the DP2 package includes its own PCDJ DEX LE software, and it will also work with most popular DJ programs. Minimum system requirements include: Windows XP or Windows Vista operating system (32-bit and 64-bit supported; PIV 1.2 GHz computer (SSE2 CPU), AMD 64 or greater; 1024x768 SVGA video; 1 GIG RAM (XP), 2 GIG RAM (Vista); 40MB free on hard drive (200MB recommended).  

The DP2 features USB Input, Headphone Jack, Microphone Jack, and Channel 1&2 RCA Outputs on the rear panel.  The unit measures 19”L x 5”W x 3”H, and weighs only 5 lbs.  The MSRP of the DP2 MIDI Controller player/mixer/soundcard unit, including PCDJ DEX LE Software, is $499.95.

For more information, contact American Audio at 1-800-322-6337, or visit the company’s website www.adjaudio.com

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