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Power Drive 2.2Power Drive 2.2 Press Release
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Step Into The Driver’s Seat: American Audio’s Power Drive 2.2 Turntable Is Loaded With Luxury Features, Works With Digi Pro CD Scratching System

LOS ANGELES -- American Audio puts DJs in the driver’s seat by offering a top-of-the-line turntable that is fully loaded with high quality features, all at an affordable price. The companys sleek new Power Drive 2.2 Turntable puts the power of precision, speed, and versatility right at the DJ’s fingertips with its high torque platter motor (forward and reverse platter direction), 33/45/78 RPM speeds, tone arm height adjustment, and automatic quartz lock of 0% speed position.

In addition to offering these luxury options, the Power Drive 2.2 has been specially designed by American Audio engineers to be used with the companys revolutionary Digi Pro CD scratching system. The Digi Pro is the first DJ scratching system to combine the turntable with the CD player, making it possible to scratch on a vinyl record and have the “scratching sounds” emit from a digital CD.

"We received such tremendous response from the Digi Pro that we decided to create a turntable that was equally as impressive, with truly outstanding features, that can be used in conjunction with the Digi Pro CD system," said John Brown, National Sales Manager of American Audio.

"The Power Drive 2.2 is also a great top-of-the-line turntable on its own,” Brown added. “It gives professional disc jockeys all the features needed to perform smooth, fast and precise transitions in high intensity dance clubs and large entertainment venues. There really is no other turntable like this on the market today."

Combining the two essential elements of power and speed in one machine, the Power Drive 2.2 features a high torque platter that spins in both forward and reverse motion and a high torque braking system. These features are controlled by a user-friendly start/stop button that engages both functions with a simple push.

The Power Drive 2.2 also includes an automatic quartz lock that provides very precise movement by holding the revolution speed to 0% when used in the "on" position. When the auto quartz lock is off, the pitch adjust button can be used to change the tone to +/-10% or +/- 20%.

Another superior feature on the Power Drive 2.2 is its all-metal tone arm and shaped tone arm assembly. The unit features a lever lift with tone arm height adjustment and height locking mechanism to offer the user extra precision and control.

Along with the high speed and precision ability, the Power Drive 2.2 turntable is a versatile machine that can spin in 3 speeds: 33/45/78 RPM. A 45 RPM adapter and holder is included.

As a top-of-the-line turntable, the Power Drive 2.2 has been hailed as a breakthrough by leading disc jockeys across the U.S., including nationally-known DJ Skilz, the host of Las Vegas’s top-rated Club Rio. Comparing the Power Drive 2.2 to much more expensive turntable models, DJ Skilz said, "This turntable speaks for itself. I guarantee any DJ wont be disappointed."

Other features of the Power Drive 2.2 include: adjustable feet for leveling, pop-up stylus target light, extra stylus holder, and an easily removable smoked plastic lid. The Power Drive 2.2 has an attractive aluminum brushed face plate design, and stands 5.75” in height with a weight of 22 lbs. Power Consumption: 13 Watts; Power Supply: AC 115/230V, 50/60Hz.

For more information, contact American Audio at: 1-800-333-0644 Fax: 323-582-2610 Address: 4295 Charter St., Los Angeles, CA 90058. Web: www.americandj.com

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