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PSX Press Release
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Remixers Toolbox: American Audio Introduces Ultra-Compact Entry-Level PSX Digital Scratching CD Player

LOS ANGELES -- First, American Audio revolutionized the DJ audio product world by introducing the Pro-Scratch1, first-ever single CD player that scratched like a turntable. Now, the company has again captured the attention of industry leaders, including nationally-known H2oh/Moonshine recording artist Omar Santana, with its new ultra-compact super-affordable entry-level PSX Professional Digital Scratching Single CD Player.

Touted as the "Remixers Toolbox", the PSX contains many of the same exciting features as the Pro-Scratch1, including a digital scratching turntable and Slot Load CD tray technology. But the PSX is even more lightweight, compact and portable. Weighing just 5.5 lbs., the unit can easily be slipped into a back pack or LP carrying case by mobile and club jocks.

Another "light" feature of the PSX is its price. At just $499.99 suggested retail, the PSX offers an amazing value for the DJ or remixer who may be on a smaller budget.

"The PSX is the best entry-level single scratching CD player on the market today," said John Brown, National Sales Manager at American Audio. "This unit offers a digital scratching turntable, slot-load technology and many of the other features found on the Pro- Scratch1, but its so unbelievably compact. There really isnt any other single scratching CD player out there with these features thats so lightweight and affordable."

But theres definitely nothing "lightweight" about the PSX when it comes to being packed with innovative and outstanding features. Along with Digital Scratching and Slot Load CD tray, the PSX offers a toolchest of other hot features that are in demand by todays professional DJs and remixers.

Among the PXSs cutting-edge features are: Fader-Q Start, Instant Start, Seamless Loop, Reverse Play and Anti-Shock. Plus, in addition to Digital Scratching, the PSX features four other exciting onboard FX: Flanger, Echo, Trans and Bop.

As a result of its terrific features and easy portability, some of todays most established professional DJs have taken notice of the PSX. Among them is nationally-known artist and producer Omar Santana, who regularly uses the PSX at his performances and expresses great praise for its Digital Scratching ability. "If youre itchin to scratch a CD, scratch on this," said Santana.

Famous for his lighting fast speed and intense mixing compilations, Santana is known as the innovator of the Hard Hop Sound. As a producer, Santana has worked with and edited music for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones and Public Enemy. In addition to his work with industry giants, Santana created his own recording label, Tricked Out Recordings, and its Hardcore affiliate, H2oh Recordings, and hes also currently a top DJ recording artist with Moonshine Music.

"The PSX is lightweight, portable and very DJ friendly," said Santana. "As a producer, the PSX is great because I can burn new tracks on a CD, and bring the PSX unit to test them out on a live audience."

"Omar Santana is not only one of the best hard core mixing disc jockeys, but is also one of the finest editing and recording artists in the industry," said Brown. "His reputation speaks for itself, and we are thrilled that this leading industry innovator and performer has chosen to use the PSX. An endorsement from Omar says a lot about the professional quality of this unit."

The PSX CD Player includes 3x 7-second Flash samplers(w/Instant Start); +10 advance track button; Headphone output with volume control; Single/Continue button; Auto Cue button; Pitch Control Slider (8%,12%,24% Pitch); Pitch Bend buttons, and Digital Options.

Attractively packaged, the PSX has a sleek design that features a 3/4 silver-brushed aluminum face plate with 1/4 black plate at the top for better visibility of digital display. With a highly affordable retail price of only $499.99, the PSX is ideal for any jock who wants to look as good as they sound.

For more information about the PSX Digital Scratching Slot-Load Single CD Player, contact American Audio at 800-333-0644. Address: 4295 Charter St., Los Angeles, CA. Website: www.americanaudio.us Email: info@americanaudio.us

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